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Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a condition that occurs when prostatic enlarges , thereby blocking the urinary pathway . BPH occurs in elderly men above the age of 50 , and in men more than 80 years of age ,80% have BPH


The symptoms of BPH begins above the age of 50 years. most common symptoms are

  • 1. Poor flow of urine ( weak stream )
  • 2. Straining to pass urine
  • 3. Passing urine in drops
  • 4. Sense of incomplete emptying after urination
  • 5. Frequent urination – especially at night

    The prostate is a small gland that is part of the male reproductive system . It is situated below the bladder ( organ that stones urine ) and in front of rectum ( lower most end of the gut that stones motion ). Secretions from prostate contributes a part to the semen .


    Most common diseases of prostate that affect men are

  • 1. BPH – ( benign prostatic hyperplasia ) Occurs in old age
  • 2. Carcinoma prostate : cancer arising within prostate,

  • What should I do if I get any of the above symptoms ?

    You should immediately consult a urologist. Your doctor will advice some basic tests like urine , blood test . He might advice to do ultrasound and uroflowmetry.

    What will be the treatment option ?

    There are two ways by means of which you may be treated . One is by medication – i.e tablets which improves urine flow and also shrink the prostate gland . But if should be taken for long period of time . other option is to go for surgery which is usually advice when tablets fails to relieve your symptoms .

    What is the surgical option ?

    The surgery the most commonly performed for BPH is TURP ( transurethral resection of prostate ) In this procedure , a small scope ( resectoscope ) is passed through your natural urinary opening and prostate is removed by cutting into small pieces . minimum of 3-4days hospital stay is required . He need to avoid heavy work for next twenty days . Other option available is laser prostatectomy where glands is removed by using various laser like holmium yag and thulium lasers . the advantage is it can remove a large gland and also can be done safety in heart patients .

    What is prostate cancer and what are its treatment option?

    Cancer of prostate again usually affect men above 50 years. Symptoms are almost similar to BPH such as weak stream of urine, straining to pass urine .your doctor will diagnose prostate cancer by means of blood test called PSA ( prostate specific antigen ) and by biopsy ( a small bit of gland is removed. Sent for a lab test) Further treatment depends on age, stage of disease and associated co morbidities like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Treatment option vary from surgery to medicine to radiation therapy.